Simon-Pierre Bestion
Artistic Direction

La Tempête

Alice Kamenezky
Ileana Ortiz
Eugénie De Mey
Hélène Richaud
Samuel Zattoni-Rouffy
Edouard Monjanel
Eudes Peyre
Jean-Christophe Brizard
Adrien Mabire
Matteo Pastorino
     bass clarinet
Marianne Pelcerf
     lighting design

02.08.2021 – 21:00
Cattedrale di Santa Maria Annunziata
Otranto (LECCE)


John Tavener (1944-2013)

Song for Athene

Pierre de Manchicourt (1510-1564)

Introït (extrait du « Requiem »)

Olivier Greif (1950-2000)

Requiem (extrait du « Requiem »)

Heinrich Isaac (1450-1517)

Quis dabit capiti meo

Ludwig Senfl (1486-1543)

Kyrie (extrait de la « Missa Paschalis »)

Giacinto Scelsi (1905-1988)

Requiem (extrait des « Tre canti sacri »)
Chant vieux romain (XIe siècle)
Kyrie in natale Domini

Arvo Pärt (1935)

Da pacem Domine

Marcel Pérès (1956)

Gloria (extrait de la « Missa ex tempore »)
Chant ambrosien (XIIe siècle)
Dixit Dominus

Pedro de Escobar (c.1465-1554)

Sanctus & Benedictus (extraits du « Requiem »)

Marbriano de Orto (c.1460-1529)

Guimel (extrait des « Lamentationes Hieremiae prophetae »)

Antoine de Fevin (c.1470-1511)

Agnus Dei (extrait du « Requiem »)

Juan de Anchieta (1462-1523)

Libera me, Domine (extrait du « Requiem »)

La Tempête & Simon-Pierre Bestion

A vocal and instrumental ensemble, La Tempête was founded in 2015 by Simon-Pierre Bestion. He was driven by a deep desire to explore works by injecting a very personal and embodied commitment.
La Tempête finds its source in the expression of links and influences between artists, cultures and eras. It explores the points of contact and legacies with an approach of great liberty. The company has thus developed a very intuitive and sensory relationship with the works, whose reinterpretations are regularly praised by national and international critics.
Simon-Pierre Bestion visits the intimacy between human traditions and the diversity of the traces left by artistic and societal movements.
The very essence of the project leads the repertoire of the ensemble to touch several aesthetics, nourishing itself mainly on early and even traditional music, as well as modern and contemporary repertoires.
By working with early as well as traditional instruments and exploring vast forms of vocal expression, La Tempête builds its proposals around the experience of timbre and acoustics.
Its projects were therefore born of the idea of a sensory immersion for the spectator, of the quest for a moment that is specific to each encounter between a place, artists, and an audience. Simon-Pierre Bestion’s creations are the result of a deep interest for collective experience and exploration.
The company is therefore open to many disciplines and collaborates with artists from a wide range of backgrounds.